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‘Bhajans with Bhavik’ (BWB) is a global phenomenon celebrating the beauty and richness of Bhajans. What began as daily Facebook Live sessions in 2020 offering solace during the COVID pandemic, blossomed into a thriving YouTube channel with over 75 episodes, uniting Bhajan lovers from 49 countries. Bhavik’s innovative approach breaks down generational barriers, inspiring audiences of all ages to rediscover the beauty of Bhajans.

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The history of BWB

Bhajans with Bhavik’s journey began in March 2020 during the uncertain times of the global pandemic. With the aim of spreading positivity and solace, Bhavik started live-streaming Bhajan sessions on Facebook. The overwhelming response within the first 24 hours fueled Bhavik’s mission.

BWB Virtual Live Sessions (2020-2024)

This initial spark on Facebook transformed into a weekly virtual series on YouTube, garnering a global audience over 75 episodes. Bhajans with Bhavik brought together a community of Bhajan enthusiasts from over 45 countries. Since April 2024, BWB has returned with a new monthly online series, supported by Atlantic Electrics.

BWB UK Tour (February 2022)

Building on the success of the virtual series, Bhavik embarked on a UK tour in February 2022 presenting the first of its kind ‘Bhajan Concert’ concept. The tour attracted a diverse and multi-generational crowd exceeding 1200 attendees, showcasing his ability to bridge cultural divides and unite communities through music.

BWB in South Africa (March 2024)

March 2024 marked another milestone as Bhavik took his “Bhajan Concert” concept international with a tour across South Africa. The tour comprised 6 captivating shows, drawing over 1500 people from predominantly Jain and Hindu communities, further solidifying Bhajans with Bhavik’s position as a global phenomenon promoting cultural heritage and artistic innovation.

“For the past week, this wonderful person, Bhavik Haria has been giving us all the opportunity to come together at 9pm every night during lockdown to experience collective Bhajan through the digital medium. He is doing this through the goodness of his heart to help people through what is a truly difficult time on so many levels. Bhavik has always had the ability to bring together old and young and make Bhajan accessible and fresh and his voice is just sublime!”

Shivani P.Joined Virtually

Today, I went to a bhajan concert… that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? Two apparently contradictory words you wouldn’t see side by side, but that’s exactly where I went today and the vibrations blew my mind. It made me proud, it made me hopeful and above all, it made me thankful that Bhavik Haria is on a mission to #KeepBhajansAlive

Nandita S.Attended BWB Live Concert

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