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Inspiring the next generations through music


International vocalist, Bhavik Haria captivates audiences with his voice, breathing new life into the ancient art of Bhajans.

Recognising their fading appeal among younger generations, he launched the #KeepBhajansAlive mission, blending traditional Bhajans with contemporary styles. More than just transforming Bhajans; he’s igniting a movement to ensure this timeless art form resonates for generations to come. His impact extends far beyond the stage and transcends cultures and generations. Through his innovative blend of Bhajans, he fosters a community that cherishes heritage while embracing artistic evolution.

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Upcoming Events

Bhajans with Bhavik - Virtual

22nd August 2024

Bhavik Haria Live in Leicester - Yaadein
A Musical Tribute Remembering Loved Ones

28th Sept 2024
Avanti Fields School Theatre

Live in Nairobi, Kenya

November 2024

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The musicians were superbly talented and the meld of Indian and western influences was both natural and inspiring. The vocal techniques were well blended with a range of instruments that led to textual variety and a plethora of tempos and moods.

Nigel Hildreth MBEChair, Colchester Arts Centre

We booked Bhavik and his band as entertainment for one of our corporate events and I couldn’t be happier with their performance. Bhavik and Rekha are amazing singers and our guests thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Working with the entire team was a delight, Bhavik is extremely professional, responsive and really works with you on what you need and how you would like your event to go. You honestly won’t be disappointed booking with Bhavik!

R.W.UBS Wealth Management

We loved having Bhavik and his team perform at our Hindu wedding. He worked with us to curate a list of songs he’d perform on the day based on our ceremony which was really helpful to do before hand. Thank you so much Bhavik and team for the amazing performance, I’d recommend anyone to have him for their own wedding!

Nehal & KaranPrivate Client - Live

It was amazing and loved it! Your message to bring bhajans to the younger generation is great and doing your tours etc is definitely bringing it to life! Amazing work by you and your team! 👏🙌

Chand K.

I had arranged for Bhavik to perform at an event to commemorate my parents. Bhavik was brilliant from start to finish, his advice and guidance in selecting the most appropriate bhajans was spot on and the performance on the day was absolutely amazing. My family and friends were mesmerised by Bhavik and his team and could not be more complimentary. Everyone had enjoyed the performance including the younger adults/kids.

Jayesh MPrivate Client - Live

Bhavik Haria and his talented team of musicians inspired unequivocal joy when they brought Roots & Changes LIVE to Colchester Arts Centre. The performance was infectious; I found myself smiling throughout and felt so uplifted. Bhavik's voice is soul-fulfilling and words are not enough to convey the impact his performance had on all of those present.

Jaymini NakumBoard, Colchester Arts Centre