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A unifying voice for Bhajans.

Bhavik, a captivating vocalist from London, is more than just a singer; he’s a unifying voice for Bhajans and a versatile artist who breathes life into a variety of musical traditions. Driven by a passion for preserving heritage, Bhavik seamlessly blends contemporary elements with the soulful melodies of Bhajans, Ghazals, Bollywood songs, and Lagna Geet. In 2020 Recognising a fading appeal for Bhajans (traditional devotional songs), he launched the #KeepBhajansAlive initiative. Through his unique style, Bhavik infuses contemporary elements into traditional Bhajans, keeping them relevant while honouring their cultural heritage.

“Bhavik’s unwavering passion and innovative spirit are ensuring Bhajans continue to inspire, uniting communities and enriching lives for generations to come. He is a testament to the power of music to bridge cultures, uplift spirits, and keep traditions alive.”


Bhavik’s commitment to preserving and promoting the richness of Bhajans extends beyond his local community in London. Starting as virtual live sessions on Facebook in March 2020, Bhavik’s initiative of ‘Bhajans with Bhavik’ blossomed into a global phenomenon, with over 75 episodes on YouTube, uniting Bhajan lovers from 49 countries.

In 2020, ten years after his first album was released, Bhavik embarked on a mission to inspire the next generation through his music and release this new album showcasing a contemporary collection of classic Bhajans via a crowdfunding campaign. Bhavik’s crowdfunding campaign reached its funding target of £15,000 in just 14 days.

In 2021, Bhavik took a major step in raising awareness for Bhajans. Partnering with Subrang Arts & The Heritage Funds outreach program to raise the profile of British South Asian heritage, he hosted a virtual “Roots & Changes” concert. This captivating performance streamed from the Sanatan Hindu temple in Wembley, showcasing the rich musical roots of Bhajans and their evolution in modern Britain. English lyric translations accompanied the concert, allowing audiences worldwide to connect with the true meaning of these beautiful devotional songs. In December 2021, Bhavik performed his first ever ‘Bhajan Concert’ at Colchester Arts Centre.

August 2022’s Jain Paryushan festival saw him uplift spirits with 8 days of live bhakti sessions, inspiring the release of his “Purity” album in 2023, a collection of Jain Stavans. This release was complemented by videos and social media content with lyrics and translations, to allow audiences worldwide to sing along and understand the beauty of these age-old Jain Stavans.

In 2023, supported by the Arts Council England, Bhavik embarked on his ‘Roots & Changes’ UK sellout tour across 5 major UK cities, after two years of virtual performances, attracting a diverse multi-generational audience.

In March 2024, Bhavik took his ‘Bhajan Concert’ concept international, embarking on a tour across South Africa, with 7 shows, drawing over 1500 attendees from all communities.

May 2024 brings the launch of Bhavik’s brand new album ‘Sama – songs of virtue’, a soulful journey of transformation, transcending religious labels. The album explores gratitude, compassion, and the liberating power of forgiveness, important reflections in today’s troubled world. ‘Sama’ is a UK-India production, where the
sound includes celebrated musicians from the UK and India

Press & Media Enquiries


I have had the pleasure of producing music for private and commercial commissions, as well as public releases. If you would like to discuss a potential project, please get in touch.


2024 | Public

Tere Siva Prabhu
2024 | Public

2024 | Public

2023 | Public

2022 | Public

Lagna Geet
2022 | Public

Roots & Changes
2021 | Public

Hanuman Chalisa
2020 | Public

Chandu Tailor & Son
2019 | Commercial

In Loving Memory of Mum
2014 | Private

Tu Navik Hu Bhavik
2010 | Public

In Loving Memory of Bapuji
2010 | Private

Bhakti Na Sur
2008 | Public

Giving Back

During a life-changing trip to Bhuj (Madhapar, Gujarat) whilst visiting a CAREducation Trust project in 2010, Bhavik became inspired to do whatever he could to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves; be it raising awareness, organising fundraising concerts, helping with logistics or volunteering to first hand. This sparked a passion to organise annual fundraising concerts and support various causes close to his heart.

Together, we can contribute to some of the world’s most pressing issues, building healthy economies and sustainable communities over time.

Previous Performances

South Africa Tour
Johannesburg & Durban, South Africa
The launch of our 'Unplugged' series
London, UK
Roots & Changes Live UK Tour
London, Birmingham & Manchester, UK
Partnership formed with Avanti Fields PTFA
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Bollywood Mehfil at Colchester Arts Centre
Colchester, UK
Bhajans with Bhavik Live UK Tour
London, Leicester & Colchcester, UK
Roots & Changes Live UK Tour
Leicester & London, UK
Roots & Changes Live at Colchester Arts Centre
Colchester, UK
Maha Shivratri Bhajan Concert - Virtual
Durban, South Africa
The Showcase, hosted by Bhavik Haria
London, UK
Navratri, hosted by Gujarat Samaj of Minnesota
Minnesota, USA
Opening act for Ram Katha, Wembley Arena
London, UK
Opening act for Jeffrey Iqbal
London, UK
Diwali at PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
London, UK
Diwali at Trafalgar Square
London, UK