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Releasing 30 May 2024
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Rooted in the Sanskrit word “Sama” (सम) which signifies balance and harmony, this collection of songs of virtue transcends religious boundaries to spread love and light to all.

Exploring universal themes of gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness, this album reflects a universal journey we all share – a search for connection, unity, and balance in a world that often feels chaotic. Like a symphony, each Bhajan on “Sama” weaves together beautiful melodies with a deep spiritual essence. Produced by UK based Kaykay Chauhan with lyrics by Ajay Chandaran and is a production in partnership with Arts Council England and Atlantic Electrics.

Lyrics with Transliterations

This downloadable pack provides the Hindi lyrics for each song, accompanied by transliterations in English to unlock their deeper meaning. Unveiling the heart of the music, this pack allows you to connect more deeply with the themes of Sama, regardless of your religious or cultural background. Prepare for a soulful journey of discovery, where each song becomes a vessel for introspection and growth.

Releasing 30th May

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