Nepal Mehfil Tribute

By May 17, 2015Video
Friday 15th May 2015 was a special evening, we ​organised​ a short intimate ​M​ehfil to raise as much funds and awareness as we could for the people of Nepal.​ ​They were hit with 2 earthquakes within the space of 2 weeks and most of them have lost their homes, their place of work and general day to day runnings.

I approached James from The Hub in Elstree t​o share our idea about organising a fundraising event and the first thing he said is ‘When do you want to do it?’. ​It’s amazing to get such a positive support, with everyone coming together to do their bit.

Within 7 days, we were at maximum capacity with 110 people ​attending ​on the list. On the morning of the 15th, we had ​another ​92 people on the waiting list!

We decided to support two charities​s.​ 100% of the ticket money ​was donated directly to ActionAid ​t​o​ be sent to​ Nepal. The funds raised on the evening ​went to CAREducation Trust to rebuil​d ​​an orphanage in Kathmandu​ to provide children with a home after the devastation caused​. Learn more here.

I just want to say a few thank you’s to some very special people who made the event a success.

I’ll start off with the musicians for the evening.

Shrikunj Gadhvi on tabla, Ghanshyam Patel on keyboard and Ghanshyam Makwana on percussions. Last but not least, Dipak Parmar on sound​ for ensuring the sound quality was the best.

Now, onto the delicious food. A VERY big thank you to The Regency Club, Tamu Tamu, Chandnis and Manglik Caterers. The food was ​delicious and I think ​it definitely added to the evening​, giving everyone the fuel to continue until midnight!

A very special thanks to Jay Junior for hosting on the evening and doing a brilliant job with the auction and raffle draws!

Next – our raffle supporters​; The Regency Club, Ministry of Paintball, Black Pepper, Shampoo Hair Designers and Inhouse Kitchens​ for their generous donations.​

An additional thank you to Upesh from Avari Events for donating the gaadlas for the evening to add to the tradtional mehfil atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the evening.

Finally, this brings me onto the total we raised. I’m very pleased to say we raised £3977.07 and even better, there will be a little more on top with gift aid.​ Every pound raised will go a long way to helping the victims of the earthquake rebuild their lives again and make a positive difference. ​

If you are not on our email list, please join here or email us and we’ll add you. You’ll be the first to ​be notified​ about upcoming shows and new CD releases.

Once again, thank you so much for your support. Stayed tuned for more updates​ and more videos which will be posted in the coming days​.

PS. Make sure you stop by EKone to read Khilna’s story of the evening.

Here are some images from the Kathmandu Orphanage which was destroyed. The kids are all safe which is the most important thing! Help us rebuild their homes and lives.

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