Does Music Heal or Make Us Hurt More Deeply?

By October 24, 2019Video

Recently, I put up a post on my social media part of my #MusicalMonday routine to ask your thoughts on whether music heals, or makes us hurt more deeply. Little did I realise that I’d soon have an influx of incredible responses coming my way with some very profound answers, some of which, I wanted to share them with you…

“Sometimes it heals and sometimes it hurts but either way it encourages you to explore your emotions which I think is a good thing.” – Nandita Shah

“Music touches all human emotions so it has the capacity to do both. If it doesn’t then it isn’t true
music.” – Jay Mehta

“Music allows access to the doorway to our truest and deepest selves. En route, we may encounter or discover discomfort and this in turn creates awareness and highlights and propels change, a catalyst towards healing. To experience the awe, we must tread through the awful! A lot of the time we try to bypass pain or hurt, park it for another time! Music has a profound subtle way to ease us through it, to come out the other end cleansed and refreshed, anew.” – Deepa Shah

“The reason why tradition encourages us to sing bhajans when tragedy strikes must mean music helps to deal with pain.” – Bipin Thanki

“I agree with this. Bhajans are calming, soulful and bring people together. There is the unspoken norm of silence where everyone immerses themselves in the music whilst overcoming grief in their own way.” – Priya Shah

“Music heightens all our emotions which is why it’s so wonderful and I can’t live without it!” – Sue

“Music helps our aura to expand, and if we truly get immersed with the sound, we fall into the meditative state hence it’s blissful and very fulfilling – music definitely heals.” – Ishita MUA

So, what do you think? Does music heal or make us hurt more deeply? I would love to hear your
thoughts. Let me know in the comments below, or feel free to get in touch via my Instagram.

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