Destination Weddings: Where’s the Perfect Location for You?

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A few years ago, destination weddings were a rarity. The idea of tying the knot on a secluded beach in a warm country, accompanied by your closest family and friends was a dream, and a pretty expensive one at that. But in recent years, thanks to the ease of travelling and the range of destinations and the affordability, weddings abroad are becoming more and more of a norm.

However, with the extensive range of countries, and with the various themes, locations, music choice, entertainment and food to decide on, it can all get confusing very quickly! To help you along the way, I have put together a few of the most popular wedding destinations for this year, ensuring that your wedding is memorable for you and your guests for years to come.


From Paris to the South of France, this is one country which is exudes romance and elegance. With its beautiful landmarks and dainty scenery, regardless of season and weather, your wedding shots are likely to look like a dreamy Pinterest board. To match the French charm, the classical sound of a string quartet or a classical Indian band is perfect for creating an intimate feel. Also, the easy and affordable travel to and from the UK makes France a great option for guests attending, as well as any UK-based suppliers you may be using. A flight from London to Paris, is 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration, and travel by Eurostar is 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Greece – namely Santorini, is renowned for being one of the first destinations to become popular as a wedding destination. And it’s not a surprise as to why; the white-washed buildings overlooking the stunning turquoise sea make for a truly picturesque location for tying the knot. Greece is ideal for an romantic yet fun wedding weekend with friends and family, and a live jazz band and a DJ thereafter would provide exactly that feel, maybe even consider dhol players for the couple’s entrance. With the flight time being approximately four hours, it’s a fairly easy journey from London – not forgetting, the weather is warm and sunny all year round!


Taking it back to our roots, India is becoming more and more of a popular destination for British Asians with its bright colours, elaborate decorations and amazing selection of food. The extensive entertainment including classical Indian bands, dhol players and mehfil singers, makes for constructing a beautiful and memorable wedding. India seems to be perfect for performing your traditional wedding ceremonies, whether it’s in Mumbai, Gujarat or Udaipur, the romantic Indian vibe will be sure to stay with you forever.


If you want to incorporate the relaxed, beachy atmosphere into your traditional ceremonies whilst also enjoying great Indian entertainment and food, Goa is your destination. There’s nothing more to say, than that you’ll get the best of both worlds here with an incredible sunset too, and by choosing a live band as well as a DJ, you’ll incorporate both the romantic and fun atmosphere of the wedding. Goa also makes for a great holiday destination and as you’re already half across the world – it may be worth making a holiday of it with your nearest and dearest before, or after the wedding itself!


Yes, I know, Scotland is in the UK, but it’s still a beautiful change of scenery from your local community hall! The crisp air of Scotland makes it a cosy and romantic environment, paired with the sound of the traditional bagpipes or a Scottish live band. If you’re Asian, the fusion of both Scottish and Asian traditions makes for a magical feel, especially if you choose to incorporate Indian entertainment such as a Indian classical band. The fact that you’re still in the UK makes it a great location for your guests; it’s a one-hour and 15 minute flight, and an 8-hour drive (I know which one I’d rather take)!


Yet another country which oozes romance and class, Italy. With its rich history and sheer beauty, there are many stunning locations to choose from; Venice, Florence, Rome, the list goes on… Many A-list celebrities in recent years have chosen locations such as Lake Como to perform their nuptials and it is no surprise why – the tranquil, undiscovered and scenic nature of these locations make it a location to remember forever. I can imagine a strong quartet or a classical Indian band would be ideal for this angelic set-up. Also, similar to most places previously mention in Europe the distance makes it an ideal location for your guests, and the weather will be great all year around.


Jamaica may not be the first place to spring to mind when someone says ‘destination wedding’ but you’d be amazed at how popular this beautiful country is for weddings abroad, especially resorts such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril and their beautiful sandy beaches. Being the birthplace of Bob Marley, it is rich in culture, music and entertainment – so don’t forget to incorporate some Jamaican reggae into the wedding playlist! With its’ relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect location for celebration and union. And again, due to the lengthy flight, it’s worth spending an extra week or two here to explore the local culture.

So, I hope this helped you in choosing a dream wedding location of your choice, and the perfect music to accompany – just because you choose to have a wedding abroad, doesn’t mean you should compromise on entertainment too. If you are looking for a live band for your destination wedding, click here to enquire today.



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