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New musical collaboration ‘Tere Siva Prabhu’

A spiritual collaboration

Following their individual successes in capturing audiences with their heartfelt music, Bhavik Haria and Rita Morar have teamed up on their new spiritual release ‘TERE SIVA PRABHU’ which from Hindi, translates to ‘No one but you my lord’. Along with music produced by Dhani, the single is now available across digital streaming platforms.

“Producing and recording ‘TERE SIVA PRABHU’ has been a deeply spiritual journey for me, a soulful exploration of devotion and connection with the divine. Collaborating with the exceptionally talented Rita Morar, and Dhani on the music production has elevated this experience, infusing each note with a profound sense of reverence and beauty. This song, a Sai Bhajan, resonates with the universal longing for solace and guidance in times of need. It’s a humble offering, a heartfelt prayer from the depths of the soul, seeking refuge in the divine presence.

As an artist dedicated to preserving the rich tradition of devotional music, ‘TERE SIVA PRABHU” embodies my mission to #KeepBhajansAlive, reminding us of the timeless power of spiritual expression through music.” – Bhavik