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Live Concert

Roots & Changes LIVE UK Tour – Feb 2022

A dream truly come true

Roots & Changes LIVE is one of our latest concepts, a Bhajan concert that melds the Indian and Western influences, creating a contemporary sound. Every single

What is a Bhajan? Bhajans developed with the Bhakti movement thousands of years ago. Ideas from scriptures, legendary epics and the teachings of saints are the typical themes of Bhajans.

To every single one of you that supported my this show, from sharing it on social media, attending the events, sending me messages about how you found it/how it made you feel – thank you all so much. You all play an instrumental part in driving the Keep Bhajans Alive mission.

Musically directed by KayKay Chauhan and featuring Robin Christian on Bansuri, Thomas Lumley on Saxophone, Alpesh Sevani on Drums, Harivadan Varsani on Tabla / Dholak and Shri Gadhvi on Tabla.

London, Chickenshed Theatre

Photos captured by Meheer Shah Photography

Leicester, Sue Townsend Theatre

Photos captured by Nimi Patel Photography