3 Top Tips for Couples for Booking their Music

By February 18, 2019Blog, Wedding

I can imagine it must be pretty hectic planning and organising a wedding, with a weigh off between wanting to micro-manage every aspect of the event, but also not having the time or energy to do so! I’ve put together three points to consider to make your life easier when liaising with your entertainment; whether it’s a DJ or a live band.

1. Choose the Right Size Band for your Event and Venue

Ensure that your band fit in with your wedding setting. If you’re having an intimate wedding look for a smaller band, to heighten the intimacy. Alternatively, if you’re having a big wedding with multiple events, look for an entertainment company which has a larger team and maybe also different types of entertainment.

2. Make a Set List

By compiling a list of songs for your band to perform, this will increase clarity about the vibe of the event. It also saves time, and ensures that you’re happy with your song choice. There’s nothing worse than getting the music completely wrong at an event – and this is the best way to make sure you’re in control. Your band may also have some great suggestions to add to the list. I would also recommend asking your parents and close family and friends for their suggestions. It’s always nice to try and incorporate their requests to make them feel more a part of the celebrations.

3. Trust your Act

Trust us! We’ve done this before, many times and we know what we’re doing! This applies to your entertainment as well as every other supplier involved in your wedding organisation process. We want the best for you as much as you do – and more often than not are more than happy to contribute with our own ideas and ideas we’ve picked up on during previous events we’ve performed at which could really help heighten your event!

Overall, just enjoy it for what it is, we’re here to help you make this the best day of your life, and by following the above steps, we can assure you that, from the music side of things, it will be!

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I’m Bhavik Haria, a young upcoming vocalist and have been singing for over 10 years. Along with a team of talented professional musicians, we provide live music for all occasions including weddings, corporate events, memorial events and much more.

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